Community Preschool, Inc. was organized by a group of mothers in June 1971, when they found Loveland’s only cooperative preschool was full and had a long waiting list. Recognizing the needs of their children and the value of a quality preschool experience, these mothers began organizing Community Preschool.

Our goal at Community Preschool has remained constant through the years: to provide a caring and warm atmosphere for our children’s first adventure into the world of education. The school’s curriculum, under the guidance of three experienced, accredited teachers, is play-based and focuses on the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of the child. Our objectives include fostering feelings of high self-esteem and independence, while respecting the rights of the group. Through active participation, we encourage creative expression in a developmentally-appropriate environment.

The program at Community Preschool is based on research in childhood development. This research tells us that young children learn differently from the way that older children and adults do. Before formal academic tasks with pencil and paper can be successful, children need to have many hands-on experiences. Learning is a complex process resulting from the interaction of children’s thinking and their direct experience in the world. A solid foundation of rich and varied experiences is crucial to all future learning.

Being a cooperative preschool, parents and teachers share the responsibilities and joys of their child’s experience. Teachers are responsible for the educational program and professional standing of the school, while parents interact with the children in the classroom several times each quarter. Parent helping offers the opportunity to witness and contribute to your child’s development. Parents of children enrolled in the preschool automatically become members of the corporation that runs the school.