Everyday Ways to Help

Grocery Cards

Now you (and your friends and relatives!) can link your King Soopers account to our charity online (via the King Soopers website) and every time you scan the card, King Soopers will donate 5% of your purchase! Click here for step-by-step instructions. It's really quick and easy!

You can also buy a grocery card for Safeway for $5 (with $5 preloaded). Every time you load the card and purchase groceries, gas, etc., 5% comes back to our preschool.

Corporate Sponsorship Program

This year, Community Preschool is offering a new corporate sponsorship program, allowing participants three new ways to help us raise funds:

1) Host an event;

2) Co-host an event (offer matching donations);

3) Donate money to a school-sponsored fundraiser.

We will continue to have a yearly sponsorship option too. All participants receive event promotion and advertising for your business.

Contact the Fundraising/Development Coordinator for more information.


If you shop on Amazon, be sure to place your orders using the AmazonSmile link for Community Preschool. It doesn’t cost anything. We’ll receive 0.5% back from all of your purchases. And share the link with friends and family to make their orders count as well!

Morning Fresh Dairy Caps

Save your Morning Fresh Dairy milk caps and drop them in the collection box at school. We earn $50 for every 1,000 caps collected.

Papa Murphy’s Coupon Cards

Papa Murphy’s coupon cards offer great deals for the low price of $10. Proceeds from the cards go to our school, and you enjoy savings when you feed your family.

Shop with Scrip

The Shop with Scrip program allows you to buy gift cards to dozens of vendors in various denominations. Plus, when you use the code listed below, a percentage of your purchase goes directly to our preschool. Please consider buying cards for gifts or your everyday use from Scrip! Click here to browse the available vendors.

Signing up is easy with the following steps:

  1. Log on to ShopWithScrip.com and select the green Get Started button in the upper right.
  2. Select Join Your Existing Program.
  3. Enter the following enrollment code: CLBL8ECF53L93
  4. Complete the information requested in steps 1–5 to register.

Then shop for cards under the Shop tab. Hover over each brand to check whether the card can be reloaded, can be sent electronically (“Scrip Now eCard”), or can be received as a physical card.

Payment options:

  1. Pay by check after submitting your order: Print a copy of your receipt and mail it, along with your payment, to:
    Great Lakes Scrip Center
    Attn: Accounting
    PO Box 8158
    Kentwood, MI 49518-8158
  2. Set up PrestoPay before you order: Much like setting up an automatic payment with an insurance or mortgage company, you provide Scrip with your bank information and authorize them to deduct the funds electronically. (This is the fastest way to pay and get your cards.)
  3. Have Community Preschool submit your order: Contact the treasurer via email with the cards and denominations you would like to order. Remember to note whether they should be in physical form or electronic delivery. Write a check for your total to “Community Preschool” and put it in the treasurer’s box. Don't forget to include shipping costs, if applicable. We will place a “proxy” order for you and pay using our PrestoPay account.
  4. Place your order, but pay Community Preschool: When you submit your order, select “Check” for the payment option. Then write a check to “Community Preschool” and place it in the treasurer's box. We will place the order for you using our PrestoPay account. Don't forget to include shipping costs, if applicable. Please notify the treasurer via email when you’ve submitted a check and she will finalize the order.

Make a Donation

If you’d like to make a donation in support of our program, please click the Donate buttom for PayPal below. Or you can mail a check to Community Preschool, PO Box 1652, Loveland, CO 80539-1652. Thank you so much!

Contact the Fundraising/Development Coordinator

If you have any questions about fundraisers, or you have ideas for fundraising, please contact our Fundraising/Development Coordinator.

Community Preschool does not require any fundraising from families. However, we think it’s important to keep tuition affordable, and that requires us to raise funds in other ways. We offer options for you to make everyday, necessary purchases and have Community Preschool receive a benefit from them. A little effort on your part goes a long way for our preschool!

Here is a breakdown of our 2018-2019 fundraising: